Dry Eyes

Our tears have three layers: a top layer of oil, a middle layer of water which makes up the bulk of our tears, and a bottom layer of mucous which holds our tears onto the eye. Deficiencies in any one of these three layers leads to dry eyes.

Dry eye is often described as itchy, scratchy, gritty or burning sensations on the eye itself. Chronic redness or the loss of brightness which is often interpreted as "just how my eyes look now," blurred vision, and yes even watery eyes are symptoms of dry eye. 

But how does one 'get' dry eye? Throughout our lifetime our tear makeup is always changing due to environmental, nutritional, and even emotional stresses. There are long lists of medications (Ex: antihistamines, antidepressants, or birth control) and medical conditions (Ex: Sjogrens, Arthritis, Thyroid conditions, or use of a CPAP) which cause dryness and need to be discussed with your optometrist. Allergens -something we have in abundance here in Kansas City- inflame the ocular tissues and hamper proper tear production. In the last 20 years ever-increasing digital device use is now causing dry eye in even children, not to mention adults. The causes are indeed plentiful.

The eyedrop aisle at your local pharmacy has enough options of drops it can be impossible to deduce which is your best option, making it is critical to discuss any symptoms and have your eyes assessed properly by an eye doctor before beginning treatment. Whether over-the-counter treatment or stronger prescription strength therapy is needed will be discussed by our experts.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had such a great experience today! It was hands down the most personable and informational eye exam I have ever had and I have been wearing glasses nearly my entire life! Highly recommend!"
  • "Dr. Wegener was so great with my daughter! She had a previous experience at another optometrist's office that left her feeling pretty scared about eye exams. Dr. Wegener was patient, explained everything in detail, completed her exam without any surprises or scares, and was very encouraging when she was picking out frames. She left with a huge smile on her face, excited to start wearing glasses. Will definitely be bringing the rest of the family! Thanks, Dr. Wegener!"
  • "It was an amazing experience and they explained everything very well. Everyone made me feel super comfortable and made sure I understood what they were explaining to me. Will definitely refer everyone I know to them and I am definitely making this my permanent eye doctor office."
  • "Doctor Wegener goes above and beyond for his patients. I can't say enough good things about him. He responds extremely quickly even after hours through their Facebook page and even met us after hours for an emergency. I refer everyone I know to him."
  • "Recently visited Dr. Wegener for our 7 year old son. We had a great experience! Dr Wegener was patient with our son's wiggles, but communicated clearly with him, in order to get a thorough exam. Dr. Wegener took care to fit our son's glasses well, which doesn't always happen at larger eyewear stores. I also appreciated all the education Dr Wegener provided. Ashley, the receptionist, is friendly and helpful, and the entire office is calm and welcoming."
    Amy H.
  • "I can't say enough great things about Doctor Wegener. He fit my son in short notice for an eye issue and met my husband on a day the office was closed for what we considered an emergency. He's incredibly kind and cares about his patients. I will recommend him to everyone"
    Joleen J.
  • "Dr. Wegener and his staff are amazing. We saw him for a second opinion and couldn't have been happier with our experience. He was extremely thorough and really got to the root of the problem. We have loved every aspect of our care and will definitely be regular patients from now on."
    Christine M.
  • "Staff is so friendly & helpful and there is a calm feel to the office which is so nice. You don't feel like you're in a cattle call waiting for your number. Dr. Wegener equally brings a relaxed, calm, yet thorough and knowledgeable experience. He is the first in all my years of eye exams and eyewear fittings who took the time to actually educate me on my eyes and care for them. You get a personal feel and know you've been heard.

    For those who avoid making phone calls to another human being for appointments - fear not! You can use messenger or texts to talk to them!

    Great experience, highly recommend!"
    Heather O.